New Direction

Once again at work on Mighty Grip. It was an unresolved piece. I have had some time to set it aside and new ideas popped up. I've been playing around with designs both in my sketchbook and on the board.

Given that some of my symbolism is rooted in road signs I decided to pursue that idea and create a road sign in patchwork using oil cloth. Oilcloth is shiny and slimy works as a reference to oil used in fast food cooking seemed a natural. In my original design I had the blocks oriented as squares rather than on point that was a bad plan like this much better.

Now the chains will intersect more interesting visually.
Fun with reflective tape. To be continued.


Beginnings and Moving on

I started Drawing I at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts with Staci Offutt. A wonderful class. We are fortunate it is very small only 4 of us. Staci is helping me to see. Drawing a skill to practice so with that in mind........

My studio is on the third floor. What did I find in my fabric stash? Acorns not once, not twice, but three times. I became suspicious.

And then the scurrying noises. Last year we were told mice, this year we're thinking something bigger.

We called the trapper: Squirrels

The lone squirrel now relocated. From Squirrel Hill to?

We thought there were millions of them. Stay tuned.


Protest Series #8?

I'm not sure if this is part of the Protest Series or not. Inspired by the Sly and the Family Stone song Everybody is a Star. Many of the lyrics are protest in nature but the song and this quilt are celebratory.

"'Til the sun that loves you proud
When the system tries to bring you down
Every hand to shine tonight
You don't need darkness to do what you think is right"

Thinking about the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and acceptance of all regardless of orientation to marry or unite through civil unions.

I'm not much for blue so this color palette is unusual for me but I had great fun with the collage. I have had the romance fabric for some time and finally inspiration struck.
I haven't beaded for some time it is very soothing. This quilt rather pleases me nice to be commenting on something in a positive and celebratory way.