Back on Track

After a long hiatus I am writing again determined to be more disciplined. Working towards understanding the benefits of a blog and maintaining a log of my thoughts in a public way.

Like all of us I got overwhelmed with activity. For me I am a co-chair of the Associated Artists 98th Annual Exhibition at the Warhol Museum. What an adventure. I am learning a tremendous amount but it is unbelieveably time consuming. Today I realized I have a little over two weeks to finish my own piece, the fabric I plan to use on the back only just arrived today. Sometimes I work best under pressure.

In addition I am working on a commission which didn't go together quite as easily as I anticipated. A patchwork of sweaters and sweatshirts backed with microsuede. Seemed like a good idea at the time, using the correct needle essential but only one out of two machines would do it, my Bernina.

Last night I attended a lecture given by Nancy Crow who has a show opening tonight at the Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University 55 quilts 1988 - 2008. I have never heard Nancy Crow speak. She is a force and I am mulling over many thoughts. I am sure my thoughts will gel once I have seen her work in person. Prior to now I have only seen one of her pieces in the flesh. Mary Thomas wrote a thoughtful article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The Three Rivers Arts Festival is running. I have a piece in Icing on the Cake Pittsburgh 250 Happy Birthday Celebration at Wintergarden in PPG Place. I was surprised and delighted to discover that Mary Thomas chose it for advertising in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I didn't have time to shoot it but I have posted what the paper ran so I had to scan.