Moving forward

Continuing work on a yet untitled piece. I believe I have resolved some design issues for now and am moving ever closer to locking in the design and constructing the quilt top.

Darkening the red in the border made a tremendous difference.

I added some additional symbolism and I am beginning to understand where this piece is going as i work through my ideas. Although my work is essentially conceptual I strive to be intuitive in execution. It's beginning to feel like it has a focus and direction which means it is time to put is aside for only a short while. Too many deadlines ahead.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh is 100 this year.


Work in progress

I'm working on the composition of a piece. I'm always playing with movement using the structure of a border which is the exterior, and the collage, the interior. Sometimes the interior breaks through to the border sometimes not. In this piece there is no break through from a conceptual point of view.

There is the question of whether or not I am attempting to use too many symbols to convey what I mean does it just become chaotic and the composition loses focus?

Three different ways of looking at it.