More I Could Just Eat Color #2

I decided on the structure of the quilt top. All the piecing Barbara and I did together. The purple corner squares are from one of Barbara's scarves.

This is what I am working on now placement of images and shells.

Making progress.


I Could Just Eat Color #2

My mother-in-law died this past March. I am making this quilt for her dear friend Peggy. It is the second in a series. The first quilt I made for her dear friend Renee.

When Barbara was still well enough to communicate and interact I cut pieces for a churn dash block in solids and one print. I would visit and place them on a table and she would move the pieces around (often with my assistance I wish I had thought of it before) until she found a design that was pleasing to her. As she moved the pieces she would tell stories about them. I didn't always understand what she said but what she did say repeatedly was "I could just eat color."

I Could Just Eat Color #1

When I think of Barbara I think of color blues in particular. She wore many shades of blue and she had the bluest eyes.