Mighty Grip

I am working on a piece composed of recycled rubber pads the type you open jars with. I recently scored Mighty Mouse (one of my personal favs) fabric on ebay. Walked by my stash and saw McDonalds fabric and an idea was born. I have been thinking about creating a piece about fast food.
This is the lay out on the design wall.

This is it's first incarnation. It is a work in progress. Today I submitted it to the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh for the members show Recycle, no dice but I haven't fully worked out how to install it which didn't make it easy to be juried and I have another idea brewing for presentation which would sort of kick it up a notch.

Here is a wonky close up.

I almost didn't submit it because it doesn't feel complete but possibly complete. It was a quandry. However I do think it's important to support our guild and submit to shows and see everyone.
It's going to be a great show some of my favs are in it. Recycle opens November 19 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts


The place to shop for all of your needs.

This past summer we headed west instead of east, to Bend, Oregon. So different from Maine our usual summer trip. The high desert is something to behold and experience. I have never been in so much sun before. But I think one of the high points of the trip was the Newport Market. Oh do I wish we had this market to shop for food and more. The shop was truly a stage and what decoration.

Who better to keep an eye on the bananas?

Eye candy!

Plain and peanut.

And jelly beans.


The Right Tool for the Job

The crop-a-dile. Who knew? Going through all kinds of craziness over eyelets. Where do you get them? How do you make the eyelet holes? How not to distort the surface and so on and sew on.
I am back to chains and a break from red white and blue.

I've been kicking around a number of ideas about a response to the growing concern of obesity in children in this country well not just children. Like all problems it is not simple. Answer: Mighty mouse will save the day.
Also working through some issues about how it will hang. Stay tuned..........