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As I soldier on working with newspapers I am pleased to announce that "Ensconced in Luxury as Terror Pays a Visit" NY Times 10/29/2013 will be on exhibit in the Fiberart Guild of Pittsburgh's Membership show Edge to Edge juried by Meredith Re Grimsley at the Borelli-Edwards Gallery opening February 21- March 15, 2014

"Ensconced in Luxury as Terror Pays a Visit" NY Times 10/29/2013

I am experimenting with making a quilt using digitally printed fleece as the top layer.  This particular fleece is dense enough that you can get some definition with stitching but it is very subtle.   


I used a monofilament thread but think I may kick it up a notch in next attempts.


2013 was the year of the bridge…2014 the year of the newspaper

I was honored to co-direct Knit the Bridge (KtB) the amazing outreach project of Fiberart International 2013.   KtB was a community made fiber art installation or yarn bombing of the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pa. It was the brain child of lead artist Amanda Gross.  It was a dream of a project so many incredible individuals gave so much time, brain power, effort, enthusiasm and energy to make it happen.

Knit the Bridge - Andy Warhol Bridge Pittsburgh, Pa
For practically 2 years I devoted my time almost exclusively to this project.  It was installed in August, 2013 and removed one month later.  We have laundered almost every stitch, donated hundreds of panels and re-purposed many of the black railing covers as scarves and blankets with many more to go.  Not to mention the challenge of repurposing all the material we made with knitting machines to cover the towers.

Bridge tower material

The response to our project has been over- whelming such an incredible opportunity! I have learned and continue to learn so much.  Although I have a master's in social work my area of concentration was primarily clinical; my practice was in medicine which required strong advocacy skills.  With KtB I found myself learning a great deal about community organizing.  As a result I am getting reacquainted with my social work roots after years of concentrating on developing my artistic voice.  My art has always been socially and politically driven but currently I find myself considering ways to integrate art and social work.

As I read and think I have made a commitment to a newspaper collage a day.  As luck would have it I was invited to exhibit in Lost and Found at the Hoyt Art Center in New Castle, Pa.  and had an opportunity to debut this new series What's black and white and red all over? Thinking in many different directions not all fiber…

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