Sew...........I added the borders and I didn't like what was happening with the lunch boxes how they stopped arbitrarily.

That meant the lunch boxes had to keep falling.

Still wasn't sure about whether to paint the border or not so I tried it without, too busy even for me.

I like the lunch boxes although still a bit heavy not wild about pointing out the obvious.

So I spread them around more of a free fall. And for balance and to make more of my point I added keys, the key to all of it tumbling from the top. Perhaps tough to tell but the border batik is Washington, DC. It's the 11th hour and I'm thinking about healthcare reform and the implications for women.

The finished quilt not a large piece 28" x 22" I think. I finished it just in time made the deadline.

The title Stop in the Name of.....#6 Protest Series the name could change. And it was picked for the show 150 Candles Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh at the Christine Frechard Gallery in my neighborhood, woo-hoo!


Back at it

I took a break for the Olympics plus I needed to put this aside because I wasn't seeing anything new. Now it's time to lock in the design a deadline is looming.

I decided that it was too weighted at the bottom with the lunch boxes, that the woman looking over her shoulder was out of scale and added an unnecessary element (although I like the idea of her looking over her shoulder and it was hard to give that up).

I also thought that two hands at the top were unnecessary and it threw the composition out of balance instead I moved the clock up a tad and repositioned the woman with the vacuum.

Still not completely convinced I got it but time is of the essence and once I finish painting the border and add it I may feel differently.